Friday, November 26, 2010

Great Quote

I am taking these quotes from my friend Greg Stier as I find them 100% applicable to the state of Christianity and soul winning today. All emphasis and italics are from me.

So what are the lessons for us as followers of Christ? In a 21st Century quest for Hipster Christianity we must remember that the call of Christ is the call to be uncool. It’s the call to pick up our cross and carry a radical and sometimes unpopular message to a broken world. It’s the call to embrace Jesus’ as the narrow gate, though it may appear narrow-minded and exclusive, but to be open-hearted and handed when it comes to the hurting and hopeless.
We need to present the full Jesus to a lost and dying world. We let His life flow through our lives and our lips. Through our lives will pour out a passion for the poor and downtrodden. Through our lips will pour the radical message of hope and life, that can also be highly controversial, since Jesus said His way is the only way of salvation.

Christian, is your Gospel one that seeks to be hip? Is your Christianity so well adjusted to your culture that fit in more with that culture rather then having your life transformed by the message of the cross? Are you willing to risk souls just to be hip and popular?

I'm not.

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