Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Call To Win Souls - Suicide

This past week at work we learned of a co-workers death on Sunday morning. By Friday we had to deal with the realization that Larry hung himself. He was 39 years young, excersiced and seemed to be in good health and in good spirits every day.

All week I have been reflecting on an event in chapter 8 of the book Fire Starter where the main characters in this book, and their school, have to deal with the suicide of a popular classmate.

Whereas in Fire Starter it's the empty desk that reminds the students they failed their classmate, for us at MV it's the still posted note with Larry's picture.

All week many of us were still just trying to process through the idea Larry was dead, and now are trying to process the reality that it was suicide. All wondering what any of us could have done to tip the balance in the right direction.

To see Larry and his always present smile, his continual good word and encouragement for fellow drivers, especially the new ones. None of his knew of the demons he was fighting away from work nor the personal hell he was living through.

As a Christian, I wonder, how could Larry not know he could turn to God? Was Larry a Christian? None of us know. We can only hope.

The following is from chapter 8 of Fire Starter and can be found on pages 98-99 for those of you who own this book.

When class dismissed, Nick and I headed to Jen's locker. We found her there, slumped on the floor, arms curled around some textbooks, sobbing her heart out. I reached down and pulled her up and wrapped her gently in my arms. I really didn't trust myself to say anything just then, fearing I would dissolve into tears, too. It was nick who finally helped Jen get control when he said, "Jen, I can see know that Kailey's urgency about sharing Jesus is right. Every student at Brentwood needs the chance to hear about Jesus and the love and hope he offers. We have to spread the word. And we have to do it now, because you never know when it's going to be too late."

Your prayers for Larry's family and friends would be appreciated.

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