Friday, March 12, 2010

Resources - Books

From time to time I will add various resources as I find ones that I like and use.

To begin with here are some of the books that I strongly recommend for current soul winners and new soul winners.

Dare 2 Share - A field guide to sharing your faith. This little book, written for teens, is also an excellent resource for adults. It is written by Greg Stier of Dare 2 Share Ministries international.

In this book, Greg presents ways to share the Gospel without compromising the Gospel. He helps the reader to find their own unique sharing style and gives them the tools they need to use that style to share the substance of the gospel message in a personal and powerful way.

Part 1 of the book helps you in getting ready for the journey. Part 2 teaches you how to share your faith and how to bring up the Gospel with your friends without throwing up. Part 3 is 15 small sections with hints on sharing your faith with people of 15 different faith groups.

Through reading this book, and other books by Greg Stier, you will learn a neat acrostic for the word Gospel, and how you can use this to share your testimony and the Gospel with anyone.

God Created Us to Be with Him
Our Sins Separate Us from God
Sins Cannot Be Removed by Good Deeds
Paying the Price for Sin, Jesus Died and Rose Again
Everyone Who Trusts in Him Has Eternal Life
Life That’s Eternal Means We Will Be with Jesus Forever

If you want to take your soul winning to the next level, this is a book I highly suggest you pick up.

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